Morpheus Hotel, Macau

Morpheus Hotel, Macau

"Free Form* As Design Intent

Morpheus will be situated in the iconoclastic mega sculpture designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE. The new tower is one of the last and nwst brilliant designs created by the legendary architect. It presents the world's first free-form exoskeleton architectural conposition incorporating a number of architectural and technological breakthrou^is. Inspired by jade artefacts, no two pieces on the structure are the same.

Accurate Tolerance Control.

Consistence with the design intent, in the major part of Morpheus Hotel, each piece of glass is unique; using double laminated coated IGUs, all elements including the curvature, size, shape and all other possible factors, the production difficulties of these glazing units closed to perfect quality level of heat bend glass technique.

Advanced Glass Bending Standard

Total thickness 56on, 2600m length, total curvature tolerances (Measured by the edge of the standard) are limited to Bon, this standard has far exceeded the normal bending glass standards. These perfect quality productions reflects the experience of over 10 years glass bending technique and technology know-how.

Developer: City of Dreams

Quantity: 48,000m2

Completion Year: 2016


Outer: 12mm Solar Control Coated

Interlayer: 2.28PVB

Inner: 12mm Clear

Thickness: 26.28mm


Outer (1): 12mm Clear

Interlayer: 2.28PVB

Outer (2): 12mm Solar Control Coated

Airspace: 12A

Inner (1): 12mm Clear

Interlayer: 2.28PVB

Inner (2): 12mm Clear

Thickness: 64.56mm


Free form curve - Heat bend

Single curve - Curve tempered

Flat Tempered

Heat soak

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