Advantages Of Laminated Glass

May. 12, 2021

Advantages Of Laminated Glass

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1. Less dangerous when laminated glass is broken

If you are worried about someone burglary near your home, ordinary safety standard glass can easily break when impacted.

This means, in one single blow, a thief can enter your home.

Not only that, if your window breaks for any reason, the way it breaks is much more dangerous than ordinary glass, and it may cause serious injury.

With laminated glass, the probability of being cut by the glass after the glass is broken is greatly reduced.

2. Thieves cannot use glass cutters

Laminated glass cannot be cut from the outside, which makes it impossible for thieves to use tools such as glass cutters to enter your home, thereby greatly reducing the risk of burglary.

So, can laminated glass prevent theft? Not exactly, but it is still very helpful. In addition to not knowing how to use glass cutters, they cannot break the glass on windows and doors and push them open with their hands.

If thieves try to break your window, they will leave glass cracks. There is no hole, and there is no way to get in. If they use a glass cutter, they can only pass through the outermost layer at most, but not the rest. The most likely outcome is that even if they try, they will quickly give up and leave.

3. Less sound transmission

If the sound is your concern, consider the fact that laminated glass greatly reduces sound entering and leaving your house because it passes through laminated glass windows.

If you live in a heavily trafficked neighborhood, whether it's airplanes, trains, cars, or people, we all know that these things can be very annoying and sometimes noise can be distracting, to say the least.

Laminated glass windows can really help solve this type of problem.

On the other hand, maybe your house is making a lot of noise and you want to keep it indoors. Do your offspring practice musical instruments? Laminated glass has a sound insulation function, no matter which room you use it can play a sound insulation effect.

In addition, if your house is very close, laminated glass windows can also block neighbors’ voices well.

4. UV protection

As you may know, ultraviolet rays from the sun have a way to fade some of our favorite things, such as carpets, curtains, and furniture.

When we use ordinary non-laminated glass, this will allow ultraviolet light to pass through and fade everything that needs to be faded.

Of course, you can close the curtains at any time, but you can also install laminated glass windows, which contain a special film that can block most of the ultraviolet rays.

5. Impact resistance

Depending on where you live, there are some threats from nature, and sometimes an ordinary window can be broken easily.

We are talking about the forces of nature, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and even thunderstorms.

With laminated glass windows, you can get the maximum protection that residential windows can provide.

In addition, if your window is really broken, it will not be as dangerous as we explained before when we discussed impact resistance and breakage.

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