What Is The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Toughened Glass?

Apr. 27, 2021

What Is The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Toughened Glass?

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Have you ever wondered: What is toughened glass? Maybe you have fallen into the trap that tempered glass and toughened glass have different uses. You are not sure what is best for this job.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass and toughened glass are actually the same.

Toughened or tempered glass is a kind of safety glass. Through controlled heat or chemical treatment, its strength is improved compared with ordinary glass. Tempering makes the outer surface compress and the inner surface tension. When the glass is broken, this stress will make it break into small particles instead of splintering into jagged fragments as flat glass (also known as annealed glass). These granular fragments are unlikely to cause harm.

The strength of toughened or tempered glass is 6 times higher than that of untreated glass, and it is impact resistant. When the tempered/toughened glass is broken into smaller pieces with rounded edges, the safety glass certificate appears. The ordinary annealed glass shatters into sharper-edged pieces, which are more likely to scratch the skin when contacted.

The safety and strength of tempered glass make it ideal for various architectural and decorative applications in home and commercial environments.

Where is toughened glass used?

Because it is super strong and safe, toughened glass is used in various traditional decoration and construction applications. These may be in-home or business settings, including automotive, technology, and sports/leisure industries. Applications may include anything from shower doors and refrigerator trays to mobile screen protectors and diving masks.

Tempered glass also has a heat resistance and natural waterproof performance. This means that the splash baffle of the glass kitchen can be used in high-temperature environments, and the splash baffle of the glass bathroom can be used in high humidity environments. Similarly, glass is an ideal material for frameless glass doors and partition walls inside homes, and glass doors and windows outside homes need to provide greater protection and may be susceptible to excessive shock and pressure.

Can toughened glass be cut?

Yes, the toughened glass used in shower rooms, railings, splash screens, or other applications can be cut to any size and shape you need. Cutting toughened glass, however, occurs before the glass toughening process, so it is easier and more precise. In fact, annealed glass is first cut and then tempered or toughened.

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Why does tempered (or tempered) glass break?

Let's face it, most things have broken points, but the tempering of glass does make it harder to break than untoughened glass. In addition to the thermal stress inside the glass, damage during installation—such as edge breakage that develops into a larger fracture—is the most common cause of glass fracture. When it is broken, the tempered/toughened glass is designed into small fragments so that it is less likely to cause damage. This is why toughened glass is often called "safety glass".

How to break toughened glass?

As mentioned earlier, although toughened glass is stronger and less breakable than standard glass, it can still be broken. The difference is that the design of the toughened glass is broken, broken into many very small pieces. Although these fragments may still cause minor cuts, they are too small and blunt to cause serious injury. Glass that is not toughened will shatter into large pieces, which will be very sharp and dangerous-if you want to protect the safety of your family or customers, this is not ideal for any home or commercial application!

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