What Is Clear Toughened Glass?

Apr. 13, 2021

What Is Clear Toughened Glass?

Clear tempered glass is one of the necessities of any building, house, or infrastructure today. In contrast to laminated glass, this type of glass provides higher electrical resistance and toughness, as its name implies. But before delving into its benefits and uses, let us first understand what clear tempered glass is.

What is clear toughened glass?

The clear toughened glass is currently one of the strongest glass types. They can be used in many different ways. It is thickened and strengthened under high pressure and high temperature. The fact is that it has experienced special temperature, pressure, and density, making clear-tempered glass much harder than any other ordinary glass. This is why clear-tempered glass is stronger and thicker than ordinary glass.

How is clear tempered glass made?

The clear tempered glass is made through a process called "floating". The floating regular glass makes the glass layer thicker, stronger and reinforced. The molten glass is heated to the alloy at a high temperature. The alloy can be lead or any other low melting point alloy. After floating the molten glass on molten metal (ie any kind of alloy), the thickness of the glass will increase. The float glass method is to further increase the strength of the glass. Float glass enables the glass to resist sudden impact or breakage, making it last longer.

After the float glass process, the glass becomes thicker and stronger, and the thickness is evenly distributed throughout the glass. Using clear tempered glass, the glass door or glass shelf will not break into harmful fragments, which may cause skin trauma. In fact, if any accident happens, the glass will shatter into countless different small pieces. This will not cause you further harm. Once the clear-tempered glass is made, you cannot change its shape or form. In addition, this type of glass is more expensive than any other type of glass, such as laminated glass.

Uses of clear tempered glass:

Clear tempered glass has many different uses. Also known as tempered glass, this glass can be used:

Any type of glass interior is perfect.

Can be used to make doors, shelves, cabinets, tables, etc.

Since it is harmless and increased thickness, it can be used for almost anything.

How to know whether a glass is tempered, in essence, a clear tempered glass?

The clear-tempered glass is easy to identify. All you have to do is check the smoothness and edges of the glass. If the glass is smooth, with a uniform surface and thin and smooth edges, then the glass is tempered. However, on rough edges and surfaces, glass can be considered laminated. The reason why clear tempered glass is so smooth is that it has undergone an additional refinement and tempering process.

So it is what clear toughened glass is and its ever-increasing use these days.

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